Vallauris - home of Picasso and Jean Marais

Vallauris – home of Picasso and Jean Marais

Dubbed the Town of Clay thanks to its historical connections to the ceramics industry, the Côte d’Azur town of Vallauris also has strong films links in the shape of the late actor and artist, Jean Marais.

With its pottery industry dating back to the 16th Century, Vallauris has long been associated with artists. Pablo Picasso was one its most famous residents, arriving in the town in 1948 and living there until 1954.

Creating art in the town for seven years, Picasso’s work is today open for public viewing at Castle Vallauris, which has two collections: the Magnelli Museum and The Ceramics Museum.

Vallauris' Magnelli Museum

Vallauris’ Magnelli Museum

Beside the Castle is a Chapel decorated by Picasso, its impressive interior showing both the horrors of war and the benefits of peace.

There’s also a famous statue of Picasso, Man with a Sheep, designed by the artist himself, just outside the Castle in the old town square.

Pablo Picasso monument in Vallauris

Pablo Picasso’s Man with a Sheep sculpture in Vallauris

Nearby is the Hotel de Ville, the Town Hall, where Picasso married his second wife, Jacqueline Roque, in 1961. It was also the location for the wedding of actress Rita Hayworth and Prince Aly S Khan, who were married in Vallauris in 1949.

Plaques outside the Hotel de Ville

Plaques outside the Hotel de Ville

There’s still a chance to see ceramics being made in the area, with many small businesses happy to show tourists the methods used for generations.

Making ceramics in Vallauris

Making ceramics in Vallauris

Apart from Picasso, one of Vallauris’ most famous residents was actor and artist, Jean Marais. At one time the partner of filmmaker Jean Cocteau, Marais starred in films such as 1946’s La Belle et la Bête and 1960’s Captain Blood.

Marais moved to Vallauris in 1975, escaping from the world of film to that of ceramics, becoming a renowned artist. Now a museum exists which collects his work.

The Jean Marais Museum

The Jean Marais Museum

Inside the Jean Marais Museum

Inside the Jean Marais Museum

The Jean Marais museum is an impressive tribute, containing posters from many of his films, stills from numerous productions, a replica of his Beast character from La Belle et la Bête and works of art from later in his life.

I spent a long time examining the exhibits, marvelling at Marais’ skill and determined to try to get hold of some of his films on DVD.

Two examples of Jean Marais' acting roles

Two examples of Jean Marais’ acting roles

After my tour of Vallauris I headed to local restaurant Nounou, a well established retreat for residents, tourists and celebrities during the Cannes Film Festival.

Famous for its fine food and views of the sea, I made sure I sampled the Bouillabaisse, a speciality of the house.

Around Nounou restaurant

Around Nounou restaurant

Visiting Vallauris

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