To Catch a Thief (1955)

A former burglar known as “the Cat” is suspected of committing a series of burglaries on the French Riviera. He tries to find out who the guilty person is in order to exonerate himself. Billionaire Mrs Stevens and daughter Frances are ideal bait for the Cat, however the beautiful Frances is not indifferent to the charms of the former burglar.

To Catch a Thief poster

To Catch a Thief poster

To Catch a Thief was one of Hitchcock’s first outdoor shoots. In spring 1954 the crew scouted for locations on the French Riviera and at the end of May, filming started.

The car chase on the Grande Corniche was filmed in the summer and in January 1955, certain scenes were re-recorded in Nice. The film was released in August 1955.

Filming provided Alfred Hitchcock with the opportunity to spend time on his beloved Riviera, indulging his love of French gastronomy.

He filmed the magnificent landscapes of the French Riviera superbly like a postcard to the world.

Film locations

Cannes & Hôtel Carlton,
La Turbie
La moyenne Corniche, view of Eze Bridge